Something is clearly happening to the prices of commodities over the last year.

  • Lumber: +115%
  • Soybeans: +59%
  • Copper: +46%
  • Coffee: +25%

These staggering jumps in prices seem out of step with the opinion of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, who have measured the CPI at +1.4%

In 1956 a gentleman…

Image Credit: Disney / the CCP

In the early dawn of the American experiment, a man uttered:

“Give me liberty, or give me death.”

Along with ‘don’t tread on me,’ these words form the seemingly unflappable center of the American value of individual sovereignty. …

I used to be subscribed to about 25 podcasts. Some of them caught me up on politics, others explored philosophical ideas, still others covered technology.

Now I’m down to five, because I realized I was smothering my own creativity. The same thing might be happening to you.

Don’t get my…

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